Helsinki Polytopes: MACHINA EX NATURAE

Event Introduction

Next to the Helsinki Central Park, there is a cathedralesque space under the Metsämäen silta bridge that is normally empty. Helsinki Polytopes takes over this urban space that has impressive acoustics: Tuuli Kanerva, Teemu Mastovaara and Leo Lindroos have created a sound art work entitled Machina ex naturae, which fills the space below the bridge with life. It twines together the forests north and south of the location, building a bridge of sound between them – an uninterrupted mental state. It works almost like the forest around it: it is its own ecosystem that reacts to movement within the space. You can download a map for the work in PDF format (in Finnish) here »

The work is a part of the series Helsinki Polytopes, realised by the Korvat auki contemporary music society and the New Academy architectural education programme for the Musica nova Helsinki festival. The series consists of four works, three of which will be performed at Musica nova, and the fourth during the summer of 2021. The aim of Helsinki Polytopes is to seek the meeting points of architecture and music as well as new forms of co-operation between composers and architects.

Sponsors and partners: Sponsored by the Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike) and Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation, in co-operation with Musica nova Helsinki, realised by Korvat auki and New Academy 

Duration: Continuous installation

Other: The location is reached by foot but the space is otherwise accessible 

Link to the organiser’s website: Korvat auki contemporary music society, New Academy architectural education programme

Event Information

  • Time:

    • Sat 6.2.2021 13:00–16:00

    • Sun 7.2.2021 13:00–16:00

  • Organiser:

    Korvat auki, New Academy, Musica nova Helsinki

  • Address:

    Metsämäentie bridge underpass, Helsinki Central Park

  • Accessibility:

    The event is accessible with a wheelchair.

  • Tickets:

    The event is free of charge