Joy Against the Machine, Libero Mureddu’s First Doctoral Concert

Image: Susanna Kekkonen

Event Introduction

The concert will be streamed live and the recording can be watched at a later time. See the programme here.

Italian composer Libero Mureddu is currently working on a doctoral degree at the Sibelius Academy, and this concert is part of the degree. Mureddu is known as an exceptionally versatile composer: he has been moving between jazz, pop, experimental and contemporary music. When composing, he utilises algorithms, artificial intelligence and free improvisation. These themes are present in Joy Against the Machine, which explores the language of improvisation: Mureddu conducts the Septad Ensemble, which receives orders from a computer at random intervals during the performance. How does the ensemble react? Are the musicians able to execute the computer’s demanding and sometimes even provocative orders?

Joy Against the Machine

Piano, electronics and visualisation, concept and artistic direction: Libero Mureddu
Flute: Livia Schweizer
Bass clarinet: Mikko Raasakka
Quarter-tone accordion: Veli Kujala
Cello, visualisation and additional concept: Aino Juutilainen
Double bass: Ville Herrala
Drums and percussion: Janne Tuomi

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Event Information

  • Time:

    • Mon 8.2.2021 19:00

  • Organiser:

    Sibelius Academy, University of the Arts

  • Tickets:

    The event is free of charge