Clement Power (c) Claudia Wilton

In the Case Black concert, Avanti! presents music traditions from the same latitudes as Finland, only from 6,000 kilometres away. The concert’s Canadian contemporary music classic is Claude Vivier’s Bouchara (1981), performed by the soprano soloist Anu Komsi. More recent contemporary music from Canada is represented by Nicole Lizée’s musical science fiction piece Black MIDI (2016), which uses multiartistic expression to examine the relationship between humankind and technology. Canadian-Finnish Matthew Whittall’s Night, sleep, death and the stars(2008), composed for various flutes and the harp, leads the listener to a chamber music nocturne. The concert also steps outside of its Canadian theme with the piece Case Black (2016) by the Croatian Mirela Ivicevic that refers, by title, to its premiere performance by the Black Page Orchestra and to the operation that took place in Yugoslavia during World War II. The concert will be directed by Clement Power, a conductor known for his contemporary musical interpretations and a familiar guest performer at Musica nova.