Greetings from the Artistic Director

“The world of contemporary music today is kaleidoscopic. Many different styles coexist, the old ‘schools’ of thought and creative process are unravelling or have been overcome, the concept of an ‘Avantgarde’ has become relative if not even redundant. This is an open, level playing field.

On exactly that field, we aim to take Musica nova further forward, naturally, into the 21st century, hopefully reaching new audiences and offering new experiences, without losing sense of history. There are ‘classics‘ of the 20th century canon that are either still relevant and still feel edgy, or have even taken on a new dimension from today’s different perspective. This means mainly the perspective of a younger generation discovering these works in an unbiased, non-academic way. We’d like to facilitate this process, introduce, promote and shine a light through this Kaleidoscope that will reflect back on us.

In addition, this festival explores many examples of cross-Atlantic musical and cultural dialogues (Boulez-Cage, Feldman-Beckett, Lang-Andriessen, Nuorvala-Warhol), at a time when North America and Europe may be drifting apart politically (with Nordic Iceland located in the middle). However, a new generation of composers and performers form a community across those borders, sharing ideas and influences, bringing us closer together.

Welcome to Musica nova 2019!”

– André de Ridder

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Photo: Marco Borggreve