Meet the artist: Abrahamsen, Chiappetta, Dusapin

Fri 6.2.2015 at 18.15
Helsinki Music Centre
Free entry

Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra

Fri 6.2.2015 at 19
Helsinki Music Centre, Concert Hall
Tickets 32,50
–7,50 €

Introducing two of festival’s composers in residence, Pascal Dusapin and Hans Abrahamsen

John Storgårds violin, dirigent
Barbara Hannigan dirigent, sopran

Henri Dutilleux: Sur le même accord (2002)
Louis Chiappetta: Adrift (2014) (uruppförande)
Pascal Dusapin: Reverso, solo n°6 pour orchestre (2005–06)
Hans Abrahamsen: Let me tell you (2013)

Creative Dialogue, concert

Sat 7.2.2015 at 15
Helsinki Music Centre, Organo
Free entry

Symposium for young composers and performers

Led by: Kaija Saariaho, Tuija Hakkila, Anssi Karttunen

Miguel Colom, Yoonhee Lee violin
Ester Forsberg, Tim Hansson viola 
Cameron Crozman, Oskari Holopainen cello 
Antoine Ouvrard, n.n., n.n. piano

Program includes: 
Walter Sallinen: New Piece, for piano quartet (world premiere)
Nina Young: New Piece, for piano quartet (world premiere)
Artur Akshelyan: New Piece, for piano trio (world premiere)
Cecile Marti: New Piece, for violin and piano (world premiere)
Kaija Saariaho: Light and Matter, for piano trio (2014)
Kaija Saariaho: Ballade, for piano (2005)
Kaija Saariaho: Cloud Trio, for string trio (2011)
Kaija Saariaho: Tocar, for violin and piano (2010)

Boulanger Trio

Sat 7.2.2015 at 19.30
Temppeliaukio Church
Tickets 20–12 € 

Five new worlds for piano trio

Boulanger Trio:
Karla Haltenwanger piano
Birgit Erz violin
Ilona Kindt cello

Michael Jarrell: Lied ohne Worte (2012)
Sean Shepherd: Piano Trio (2012)
Toshio Hosokawa: Piano Trio (2013)
Johannes Maria Staud: Für Bálint András Varga. 10 Miniaturen für Klaviertrio (2007–09)
Elliott Carter: Epigrams (2012)


Sat 7.2.2015 at 22
Dubrovnik Lounge & Lobby
Tickets 15–10 €

The whirlwind in Finland’s contemporary music scene interprets work of young composers with electronics

Hanna Kinnunen flute
Mikko Raasakka clarinet
Lily-Marlene Puusepp harp
Emil Holmström piano
Markus Hohti cello
Anders Pohjola electronics
Timo Kurkikangas electronics

Bryan Jacobs: Dis Un Il Im Ir (2013)
Simon Loeffler: September08 (2008)
Bryan Jacobs: Piano+Electronics (2011)
Taylor Brook: L’érotisme sacrée (2011)
Christian Winther Christensen: New Work (2014–15) (world premiere)

Ears Open for Children: Kuulovilla

Sun 8.2. at 14-17
Bokvillan’s villa
Free entry

Free fun for the whole family!

Zagros Ensemble: Jukka Tiensuu – In Portrait

Sun 8.2.2015 at 18
Helsinki Conservatory of Music, Concert Hall
Tickets 20–8 €

A homage to Jukka Tiensuu

Zagros Ensemble
Mikael Helasvuo flute
Petri Komulainen conductor

Anna-Leena Haikola violin
Jukka Untamala violin
Camilla Vilkman viola
Sami Mäkelä cello
Sonja Fräki piano
Auli Kontinen flute
Paula Malmivaara oboe
Päivi Kiljala clarinet
Petri Kumela guitar

Jukka Tiensuu: Armotta (2012)
Jukka Tiensuu: Egeiro (2013)
Jukka Tiensuu: Rack (2008)
Jukka Tiensuu: Nous (2010)
Jukka Tiensuu: Ember (2000)

Ears Open Assn & Students of Lighting design: In a new light

Sun 8.2.2015 at 20.30
Space for Free Art
Tickets 11,50–6,50 € 

Compositions created by Ears open association’s young composers in collaboration with students of Helsinki Theatre Academy lighting design 

Sergio Castrillón & James Andean
Tuomas Kettunen
Walter Sallinen
Aino Tenkanen
Kalle Vainio
Juhani Vesikkala

Lighting design:
Riikka Karjalainen
Mateus Manninen
Alexander Salvesen
Otso Vartiainen

Meet the artist: Dazzi, Klami, Lerdahl, Supponen

Mon 9.2.2015 at 18.45
Black Box, Helsinki Music Centre
Free entry

Klang: Zebra Trio

Mon 9.2.2015 at 19.30
Helsinki Music Centre, Camerata
Tickets 17,50–6,50 €

The internationally acclaimed Zebra Trio’s programme features pieces composed especially for the group

Ernst Kovacic violin
Steven Dann viola
Anssi Karttunen cello
Magnus Lindberg piano

Rolf Wallin: Sway (2010)
Magnus Lindberg: Acequia Madre (2012)
Hans Abrahamsen: Storm and Still with Hymn and Capriccio Bagatelles (1994)
Fred Lerdahl: Give and Take (2014) (world premiere)
Miroslav Srnka: Tree of Heaven (2010)

Timo Korhonen, GuitarElectronics

Mon 9.2.2015 at 21 
Music Centre, Black Box
Free entry

Guitar, electronics and acoustics interact with each other

Timo Korhonen guitar
Sibelius Academy’s Centre for Music and Technology electronics

Gualtiero Dazzi: L’homme du soir (2007)
Lauri Supponen: New work (2015) (world premiere)
Markku Klami: aava (2014–15) (world premiere)
Ronald Bruce Smith: Five Pieces for guitar and electronics (2007)

Recital I: Joonas Ahonen & Ernst Kovacic

Tue 10.2.2015 at 17
The Finnish National Opera, Almi Hall Foyer
Free entry

Pianist Joonas Ahonen and violinist Ernst Kovacic play music by composers with whom they are in close collaboration

Ernst Kovacic, violin
Joonas Ahonen, piano

Beat Furrer: Lied (1993)
Tristan Murail: La Mandragore (1993)
Michael Jarrell: Double (2013)
Germán Toro Pérez: Fugaz (2013)
Johannes Maria Staud: Towards a Brighter Hue (2004)
Hèctor Parra: Vers le blanc (2013)

Meet the artist: Zaida Bergroth and others

Tue 10.2.2015 at 18.45
Almi Hall’s foyer, The Finnish National Opera
Free entry

Edgar Allan Poe: Dreamland & The Raven

Tue 10.2.2015 at 19.30
The Finnish National Opera, Almi Hall
Tickets 40,50–21,50 €

Portrayals of the visionary tales by Edgar Allan Poe

Finnish National Opera Orchestra
Diego Masson conductor

Poul Ruders: Dreamland (2010)
Anna-Kristiina Kaappola soprano 

Toshio Hosokawa: The Raven (2011–12)
Virpi Räisänen mezzo-soprano
Zaida Bergroth director
Ville Seppänen sets, lighting and video design 
Deepa Panchamia
 costume design

Recital II: Tuija Hakkila

Wed 11.2.2015 at 17
Helsinki City Hall
Free entry

The recital includes, among others, a premiere of Trbojevic’s solopiano work

Tuija Hakkila piano
Joonatan Rautiola saxophone *

Jovanka Trbojevic: Between Me and Bach (2012–13) (world premiere) *
Salvatore Sciarrino: Notturno no. 2 (1998)
Paavo Heininen: Pianosonaatti nro. 3 op. 84 (2005) 

Meet the artist: Lerdahl, Winther Christensen

Wed 11.2.2015 at 18.15
The House of Nobility
Free entry

Uusinta Ensemble

Wed 11.2.2015 at 19
The House of Nobility
Tickets 22,50–12,50 €

Magnus Lindberg conducts Lerdahl and Dusapin

Uusinta Ensemble

Magnus Lindberg conductor
Nicolas Hodges piano

Jérôme Combier: Lichen (2013)
Riikka Talvitie: Village Party (2015) (world premiere)
Fred Lerdahl: Time after Time (2000)
Christian Winther Christensen: String Quartet (2002–03)
Pascal Dusapin: Jetzt Genau! (2012)

NYKY Ensemble: Piano Study Night

Wed 11.2.2015 at 21
Helsinki Music Centre, Paavo Hall
Free entry

Students of Sibelius Academy play etudes composed during the past two decades

NYKY Ensemble:
Anni Collan, Ziteng Fan, Juho Keränen, Ayane Matsuura, Matleena Nyman, Joel Papinoja, Fanny Söderström, Miikka Taipale piano
Elias Lassfolk violin
Henriikka Teerikangas French horn

Joonas Ahonen coaching, programme design

Conlon Nancarrow: Study for Player Piano No. 6 (2007)
Pascal Dusapin: Étude No. 6 from “Sept études” (1999–2001)
Daj Fujikura: Étude No. 1, “Frozen Heat” (1998)
Peter Ablinger: Voices and piano, “Martin Heidegger” (1998–)
Colin Matthews: 11 Studies in Velocity: No. 2 (1987)
Colin Matthews: 11 Studies in Velocity: No. 5 (1987)
Peter Ablinger: Voices and piano, “Guillaume Apollinaire” (1998–)
Hans Abrahamsen: 6 Pieces for Trio: No. 4 & No. 5 (1984)
Unsuk Chin: Étude No. 5, “Toccata” (2003)
Peter Ablinger: Voices and piano, “Hanns Eisler” (1998–)
Conlon Nancarrow: Player piano Studies No. 7 (2007)

Composer lecture: Fred Lerdahl

Thu 12.2.2015 at 13-14.30
Sibelius Academy’s auditorium, Helsinki Music Centre
Free entry

Recital III: Pedro Carneiro “Clouds, Memories, Dreams”

Thu 12.2.2015 at 17
EMMA – Espoo Modern Art Museum
Free entry

Carneiro plays percussion music classics and pieces written for him

Pedro Carneiro percussions

Toshio Hosokawa: Reminiscence (2002)
Isabel Soveral: Memoirs d’Automne (1999)
Edison Denisov: Nuages Noirs (1984)
Atsuhiko Gondai: wood still says nothing (2000/2004)
Iannis Xenakis: Rebonds (1988)

Tapiola Sinfonietta: Spirals

Thu 12.2.2015 at 19
Espoo Cultural Centre, Tapiola Hall
Tickets 25–11 €

Mature masters meet young talents

Ryan Wigglesworth conductor
Barnabás Kelemen violin

Oliver Knussen: Music for a Puppet Court (1983)
Zosha di Castri: Strange Matter (2011)
Fred Lerdahl: Spirals (2006)
Ryan Wigglesworth: Violin Concerto (2011/13) (Finnish premiere)
György Ligeti: Melodien (1971)

At 21.00 After the concert

Hanna Juutilainen flute
Harri Mäki clarinet
Antti Rislakki percussions
Jukka Rantamäki violin
Laura Bucht cello
Emil Holmström piano

Fred Lerdahl: Imbrications (2001)

Ryan Wigglesworth piano

Oliver Knussen: Prayer Bell Sketch (1997)

Meet the artist: Turnage, Karttunen

Fri 13.2.2015 at 18.00
Helsinki Music Centre
Free entry

Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra: Friday Series 8

Fri 13.2.2015 at 19 
Music Centre, Concert Hall
Tickets 30–8 €

Insipred by Buddhism and poetry

Oliver Knussen conductor
Steven Dann viola
Pedro Carneiro percussion

Peter Lieberson: Shing Kham (2011/13)
Mark-Anthony Turnage: On Opened Ground (2000–01)
Reinbert de Leeuw: Der nächtliche Wanderer (2013)

At 21.30 Chamber Music by Knussen

Oliver Knussen: Secret Psalm (1990/2003)
Oliver Knussen: Autumnal op. 14 (1976–77)
Oliver Knussen: Ophelia’s Last Dance op. 32 (2010)

Edgar Allan Poe: Dreamland & The Raven

Fri 13.2.2015 at 19.30
The Finnish National Opera, Almi Hall
Tickets 40,50–21,50 €

Portrayals of the visionary tales by Edgar Allan Poe

Finnish National Opera Orchestra
Diego Masson conductor

Poul Ruders: Dreamland (2010)
Anna-Kristiina Kaappola soprano 

Toshio Hosokawa: The Raven (2011–12)
Virpi Räisänen mezzo-soprano
Zaida Bergroth director
Ville Seppänen sets, lighting and video design 
Deepa Panchamia costume design

Diana Theocharidis: Cifra 3

Sat 14.2.2015 at 14
The Finnish National Opera, Almi Hall
Tickets 20–12 €

Dialogue between music, dance, video and space

World premiere

Diana Theocharidis coreographer
Aníbal Jiménez, Alina Marinelli, Andrés Rosso dance
Ville Konttinen lighting design
Mia Huhta soprano
Mikko Ivars cello
Olli Leppäniemi clarinet

Dance videos for Spins and Spells and Manzi:
Jean-Baptiste Barrière film editing, processing & direction 
Isabelle Barrière, François Galard, J.B. Barrière cameras, filming
Romina Pedroli, Aníbal Jiménez dancers
Anssi Karttunen cello

Kaija Saariaho: Spins and Spells (1997)
Pablo Ortiz: Manzi (2005)
Pablo Ortiz: La luna en Helsinki (world premiere)
Pascal Dusapin: Invece (1991)
Pascal Dusapin: Canto (1994)
Pascal Dusapin: Ohé (1996)
Vasco Mendonça: Adultery (world premiere)

Meet the artist: Mendonça, Ortiz, Theocharidis and others

Sat 14.2.2015 after the performance
Almi Hall’s foyer, The Finnish National Opera
Free entry

Avanti! & Helsinki Chamber Choir

Sat 14.2.2015 at 18
Cable Factory, Pannuhalli
Tickets 25–15 €

Dialogue with time, space and eternity

Ilan Volkov conductor

Hans Abrahamsen: Schnee (2006–08)
Wolfgang Rihm: Innere Grenze (1986–87)

Meet the artist: Abrahamsen

Sat 14.2.2015 after the concert
Cable Factory, Pannuhalli
Free entry

The Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra

Wed 1.2. at 19
Music Centre, Concert Hall
Tickets 33-9 €, Ticketmaster

The opening concert, conducted by new Artistic Director André de Ridder, features Finnish and European premieres from international and Finnish awarded composers.

Opening Club

Wed 1.2. at 21.30
G Livelab
Tickets: 20 / 15 €, G Livelab

Electric guitar takes the lead at Nova’s late-night first-day session

UMO & Kari Ikonen: Twelve Fn Kies

Thu 2.2. at 15.30, 16.30 & 18.30
Kamppi Centre
Free entry

Antti Auvinen’s new concerto for Moog synthesizer and big band will fill the Kamppi Centre in three different concerts.

Veli Kujala, recital

Thu 2.2. at 17
Kamppi Chapel
Free entrance

This recital presents one of the most distinctive voices in contemporary Finnish music, as both composer and performer.

Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra: Les espaces acoustiques

Fri 3.2. at 19
Music Centre, Concert Hall
Tickets 33-7
 €, Ticketmaster

Musica nova festival and the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra jointly present, for the first time in Finland, an integral performance of Gérard Grisey’s cycle of compositions “Les espaces acoustiques”

Tyondai Braxton, solo

Fri 3.2. at 21.30
G Livelab
Tickets 25/20 €, G Livelab

Composer, guitarist and multimedia artist in his own concert

Uusinta Ensemble

Sat 4.2. at 17
G Livelab
Tickets: 20/15 €, G Livelab

The music of these young Nordic composers carries the listener outside the concert hall, from the heart of Icelandic nature to the nocturnal sounds of apartments.

Introduction to Blank Out with Michel van der Aa

Sat 4.2. at 18.45
The Finnish National Opera, Almi Hall, Foyer
Free entry

An introduction to Blank Out with artistic director André de Ridder and composer Michel van der Aa.

Korvat Auki Ensemble & Jan St. Werner

Sat 4.2. at 21.30
G Livelab
Tickets: 20/15 €, G Livelab

One half of the iconic German IDM duo Mouse on Mars, Jan St. Werner, collaborates with Korvat Auki Ensemble on his new piece, Felder.

Zagros Ensemble

Sun 5.2. at 15.00
Olaus Petri church
Tickets: 22,50/17,50/11 €, Ticketmaster

The first half of the concert features two works for string trio, by two young composers currently making waves in Europe and beyond. The concert ends with Gérard Grisey’s major work, and one of his last, Vortex Temporum. 

s t a r g a z e + Erkki Veltheim

Sun 5.2. at 17
G Livelab
Tickets: 20/15 €, G Livelab

The Super-Nova Sunday at G Livelab presents two composers, who truly draw inspiration from varying sources: Dawn of Midi -trio’s drummer Qasim Naqvi and Finnish, Australian-based composer and musician Erkki Veltheim.

s t a r g a z e + Matthew Herbert

Sun 5.2. at 20
G Livelab
Tickets: 20 / 15 €, G Livelab

The Super Nova Sunday evening is dedicated to electronic music pioneers, Matthew Herbert and Boards of Canada. The happening is more than a concert – it challenges the whole concept of music and sounds and how we perceive them.

Klang: Recital

Mon 6.2. at 19.30
Music Centre, Sonore
Tickets: 17,50/11/6 € Ticketmaster, 15-5 € Music Centre

This evening presents the first integral performance of a trilogy of works for piano and electronics by Perttu Haapanen, written for pianist Paavali Jumppanen.

Helsinki Chamber Choir

Tue 7.2. at 19.30 (doors 19)
Tickets: 20/ 15/ 7,50 €, Ticketmaster

Performed in various spaces of the unique architecture of the Kiasma building, this concert features modern choral classics side by side with very recent works. The pieces incorporate spatial elements through various configurations of the singers.

Blank Out

Sat, Mon, Wed 4. 6. and 8.2. at 19.30
The Finnish National Opera, Almi Hall
Tickets 40-20 €, Lippupiste

A groundbreaking combination of opera, 3D-media, poetry, eighties beats and techno

Le Noir de l’Étoile

Wed 8.2. at 21
Temppeliaukio church
Tickets: 22,50/17,50/11 €, Ticketmaster

A concert probing various cosmic and spiritual dimensions in the unique space of Temppeliaukio church – the music travels from the Eternal Light of Ligeti’s Lux Aeterna to the darkness of outer space explored in the Finnish premiere of Gérard Grisey’s masterpiece Le Noir de L’Étoile.

Aikamme musiikkia ja puhetta -lecture: Lukas Ligeti

Thu 9.2. at 13-14.30
Music Centre, Auditorium
Free entry

Lukas Ligeti talks about his music.

Meet the composers

Thu 9.2. at 18:15-18:45
Espoo Cultural Centre, Gallery, 1 floor

Vesa Lehtisalo interviews Jarkko Hartikainen and Michel van der Aa.

Tapiola Sinfonietta: Open Spaces

Thu 9.2. at 19
Espoo Cultural Centre, Tapiola Hall
Tickets 25–11 €, Lippupiste

Composers of different generations meet in space

György Ligeti Symposium Helsinki 2017

Fri & Sat 10.-11.2. starts at 9
Music Centre
Free audience entry

The DocMus Doctoral School at the Sibelius Academy, University of the Arts Helsinki, invites performers, composers, researchers and students to take part in the conference György Ligeti Symposium Helsinki 2017.

Lukas Ligeti: Delta Space

Fri 10.2. at 19
Music Centre, Camerata
Tickets: 17,50/11/6 € Ticketmaster, 15/10/5 € Music Centre

European modernism meets American experimental music and African polyrhythms in Lukas Ligeti’s music

The Complete Ligeti etydes

Fri 10.2. at 21
Music Centre, Camerata
Tickets: 17,50/11/6 € Ticketmaster, 15/10/5 € Music Centre

Sibelius-Academy’s virtuosos play the cornerstone of modern piano music, the set of 18 etudes by György Ligeti.

György Ligeti -exhibition

Fri 10.2. at 9 – Sun 12.12. at 20
Music Centre, Lower foyer

Free admission

Photos, video and audio material of György Ligeti’s visits to Finland.

NYKY Ensemble & CM&T: Chronos and Cosmos

Sat 11.2.2017 at 17.30
Black Box & Sonore, Music Centre
Free entrance

The concert portrays the strong connection between two of modernism’s most influential composers, György Ligeti and Karlheinz Stockhausen

Kamus Quartet

Sat 11.2.2017 at 19.30
Camerata, Music Centre
Tickets: 17,50/11/6 € (Ticketmaster), 15/10/5 € (Music Centre)

The concert features string quartets by father and son, György and Lukas Ligeti, as well as an impressionistic piece by a young Finnish composer, Outi Tarkiainen, that was originally written for Kamus Quartet.

defunensemble & Islaja

Sat 11.2. at 21.30
WHS Teatteri Union
Tickets: 15 /10 €, WHS Teatteri Unioni

defunensemble will showcase recent electroacoustic music of international and Finnish origin. The evening culminates in a premiere of Islaja’s works arranged for defun.

Avanti!: In the Spirit of Ligeti

Sun 12.2. at 14
Paavo Hall, Music Centre
Tickets: 28/17,50 € Ticketmaster, 25/15 € Music Centre

Avanti! presents the legacy of György Ligeti through the works of his pupils and son, Lukas Ligeti.