CHANGEnsemble: Mosaic installation

Image: Martti Jämsä

Event Introduction

Mosaic examines the unity, fragmentation and memory imperfection of the human mind. How and with what do we fill the gaps in our memories and how do we create interpretations of our memories? How do our bodies communicate memories to us that the mind cannot recollect? Mosaic is the first co-operative endeavour between sound artist-designer Tuomas Norvio and conductor-singer Jutta Seppinen. The installation consists of recorded material and Seppinen’s own performance through sound, movement and sensory-motor corporeal “noise”.

The installation acts both as an independent work that the audience may take part in and as performances that they may view throughout the day.

In co-operation with:

Tero Saarinen Company


Event Information

  • Time:

    • Sat 4.3.2023 11:00–18:00

    • Sun 5.3.2023 11:00–18:00

  • Organiser:


  • Address:

    TSC Studio, Cable Factory
    Kaapeliaukio 3 E
    00180 Helsinki

  • Tickets:

    The event is free of charge

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