Uusinta Ensemble c Touko Hujanen

The music of these young Nordic composers carries the listener outside the concert hall, from the heart of Icelandic nature to the nocturnal sounds of apartments.

These works, each tied to a specific place, utilise soundscapes recorded in the composer’s local area. The concert begins with Wind Roses, which, as its name suggests, flows with the rhythm of the wind; Icelandic Hafdís Bjarnadóttir applied meteorological data recorded from wind roses in her composition.

In her work, Swedish Ida Lundén incorporated an old harmonium she found at her parents’ summerhouse. Danish Mette Nielsen weaves sounds from the harbour in Odense into her personal memories via children’s songs, and Norwegian Lars Petter Hagen draws on folk music in his work for solo bass, which has been arranged for a trio for the concert.

Ville Raasakka’s Traeumerei addresses sleep disorders using documentary texts, field recordings and augmented instrumentalism. The recordings were made in different apartments, and the everyday nocturnal sounds are expanded by a cello and electronics.